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When I was in third grade art class we were given a task to draw an outline of one of our shoes (laces included, if any) set on a piece of paper then turn that into something new.

I drew the outline of my shoe, and the laces flitting away, and thought the laces reminded me of the lines that connect astronauts to the space shuttle - so I turned my shoe outline into a "space ship" with astronauts at the end of the lace outlines.

The sin: I covered the background with little dots representing stars.

The art teacher asked me what the dots were, and I responded "stars". She said "no those are dots, not stars". I insisted that this was a space ship in the night sky, and she actually grew incredulous "stars do not look like that" she was clearly agitated and demanded I draw actual stars instead of just drawing dots of varying sizes to represent the stars in the night sky.

I was amazingly confused, and could only think that she was upset that I was not drawing white dots on a black background, but this was not possible due to being given white paper.

Eventually I was told that she wanted me to draw the five-pointy thing, which I thought highly unrealistic because, well, stars did not look like that - they were points of light in the sky.

I recall getting a poor grade for not following directions.

This was pretty par for the course in my schooling.
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I did some LJ reorg tonight.

My journal has over 850 entries, and about 725 of those are from 1999-2004.
I posted quite a lot back in the day. I had a series of complicated friends groups back then.

Most of those friends groups were me categorizing posts. I was often worried that I would annoy people by posting uninteresting things, so I split things up by topic. Back when people were posting all the time, this was a valid concern, but now.. Who cares. More posts, more better.

I hadn't touched friends groups in ages either. So newer friends probably hadn't seen things.

I did away with all that. In this day of infrequent LJ posts, it's mostly nonsense.
I set everything from 2005-earlier to private and deleted all my friends groups and created all new.
I might readjust old-old posts at some point, but I doubt anyone cares but me.

I have one filter. A "restricted" filter, for things I think should be a smidge more private than others.
So that brings up the question:

Do you still see this?
[Poll #1971374]

I have a pile of friends on here, who I haven't seen in years and years. People drift apart, it's a thing. I dislike removing such connections, but if you are seeing a post from me for the first time and going "Who the hell is that?". Go ahead and unfriend me (if you want, or not) my feelings won't be hurt.

If you are seeing this and I haven't added you as a friend, feel free to say "HEY, I know you", and poke me.
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what should i do in 2009 - the meme....

comments are screened, so go wild!
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I'm at work, doing my TPS report.

Yes. It is actually called a TPS report. Such fun.

And the stapler is mine.


Nov. 12th, 2008 12:04 am
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I'm breeding them.

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!
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This week I am in Palo Alto California for work.

I'm amazed at the size of our VMware office, there seems to be a bit more sky and nature than I am used to.

More later.
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If anyone has ever heard me say "Where there's a whip, there's a way" this is what I am talking about!

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I <3 Johnathan Coulton

Lots of folks seem to make videos using his music, many of them in wow.

For some reason, I love this one:

I'm a big fan of stop motion animation, so this probably helps.
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I'm rockin' out!
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Public Service Spoiler!


HAHA! Ruined it for you!

Or not -- I just made that up. I have seen about 6 posts like this from folks claiming to have insider info on book 7. They were all posted like this, in an obvious fashion with the intent of "ruining" it for you like the people did on the overpass bridge.

Funny thing is, every single one I have seen has been been different. So if you see something like this, treat it like the idle speculation and rumor that it is.
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In case you do't know who Growf is - read this:

What's new with Phil and Dixie, a comic strip from dragon magazine many years ago is now online (and yes, it has been for a while, but better late than never)
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Book Seven's Title has been Released and it is

.... )

In other news, I fell down the stairs this morning. I must be getting old.

I only seem to be scraped and brused, but alas, it still is annoying.
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I went to the dentist today, for my second tooth problem.

My wisdom teeth seemed to have bashed in my lower two rear teeth, cracking one, and they have unfixed. I had a cracked tooth. Well, as of today I have a second tempoary crown. Oh the Fun. He says that my tooth looks pretty good, and shoudlnt' need much more work beyond the permanent crown.

Due to liberal application of benzocaine to the injectinon site beforehand I didnt freak out from the injection so much, he's not as good as Dr. Z at UNC, but he's a good dentist.

The worst part of the dentis office visit for me:
Nasty Smells and Nasty Tastes. The mold and glue that they use to make the temporary tooth burns and takes like vile chemical.

Now, i only have two more major dental appointments, starting next year. As well as a couple of cavities.
As such, I have upped my dential insurance to the MAX.

Does anyone know what is involved in getting a permanent crown? I suppose they will pop the temp off, take a mold, and send that mold off to a factory to have the real tooth made. How do you determine what the tooth looks like? Does the dentist grind it into the shape then and there? Or are there standard teeth shapes? Would it be possible for me to select what my tooth would look like i wonder.

EDIT: OW. I now have a dull ache in my mouth, now that the novacaine has worn off. What fun. My lower lip is also swollen up like mad. *sigh*
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So, J.K. Rowling has said that at least two major characters will die in book seven.

Here's some likely candidates I have come up with - who do you think will die?
(sorry if i left any good candidates out.

Oh - Yes, percy is a bad guy. he deserves to die.
Snape - questionable on the good vs. bad. I had a hard time deciding where to put him. We will find out. But he's in the bad guy column for now, as that is how he is seen in the potterverse right now.

put additional votes in comments if they are not specified here.

apologies for the placement of snape - yes, hard choice
yes, i did not put dumbledore in the list - I acknowledge the possibility that he may not be dead or may come back.

[Poll #774226]
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So, here i am posting to livejournal using ichat. This seems to be an interesting service. It certainly makes posting easier, but I predict that it will make the conversational flow very strange.
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