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Book Seven's Title has been Released and it is

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In other news, I fell down the stairs this morning. I must be getting old.

I only seem to be scraped and brused, but alas, it still is annoying.
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So, J.K. Rowling has said that at least two major characters will die in book seven.

Here's some likely candidates I have come up with - who do you think will die?
(sorry if i left any good candidates out.

Oh - Yes, percy is a bad guy. he deserves to die.
Snape - questionable on the good vs. bad. I had a hard time deciding where to put him. We will find out. But he's in the bad guy column for now, as that is how he is seen in the potterverse right now.

put additional votes in comments if they are not specified here.

apologies for the placement of snape - yes, hard choice
yes, i did not put dumbledore in the list - I acknowledge the possibility that he may not be dead or may come back.

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On Wands;

*) Wands are not exceptionally expensive - 7 galleons.
*) You can use any wand, if you don't have yours available.
*) You can still use a wand if you are holding another wand.

On the disarming spell; Expelliarmus.

This is the standard disarming spell. One can infer the following properties
about the spell from the books:

*) It seems to operate by exerting a large amount of force against an object.
*) It "flings" the object in a certain direction without damaging the object in question.
*) It can fling any object, not just wands.
*) It can be used on multiple objects at the same time.
*) It can be used against multiple targets simultaneously.
*) The more emotional the caster, the stronger the force of the fling, it can fling more than the intended target.
*) Unlike the "assio" charm, only objects in sight that the caster knows are shown as being flung.


If most of my powers were tied to having this one thing, I'd be certain to own at least two. I know how I am with my keys, I am SURE that I'd lose it or misplace it. If the death eaters were out there killing folks randomly, i'd carry at least two on me at all times.

I'd have headed back down to old 'Olly's and purchased the best wand for me that is suited to each school of magic, one for charms, one for transfiguration, one for jinxes, etc.

Heck if i were an auror, a member of the DA, or the Order of the Phoenix, I'd probably carry one "up my sleeve" or somewhere, not even Mad Eye Moody does anything like this, I would have some sort of retractable (non-magical) spring loaded string or chain attaching the end of the wand to an arm band - if it goes flying, it'll come right back on it's own like a latch key.

sources - some spoilers )


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