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When I was in third grade art class we were given a task to draw an outline of one of our shoes (laces included, if any) set on a piece of paper then turn that into something new.

I drew the outline of my shoe, and the laces flitting away, and thought the laces reminded me of the lines that connect astronauts to the space shuttle - so I turned my shoe outline into a "space ship" with astronauts at the end of the lace outlines.

The sin: I covered the background with little dots representing stars.

The art teacher asked me what the dots were, and I responded "stars". She said "no those are dots, not stars". I insisted that this was a space ship in the night sky, and she actually grew incredulous "stars do not look like that" she was clearly agitated and demanded I draw actual stars instead of just drawing dots of varying sizes to represent the stars in the night sky.

I was amazingly confused, and could only think that she was upset that I was not drawing white dots on a black background, but this was not possible due to being given white paper.

Eventually I was told that she wanted me to draw the five-pointy thing, which I thought highly unrealistic because, well, stars did not look like that - they were points of light in the sky.

I recall getting a poor grade for not following directions.

This was pretty par for the course in my schooling.
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