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I went to the dentist today, for my second tooth problem.

My wisdom teeth seemed to have bashed in my lower two rear teeth, cracking one, and they have unfixed. I had a cracked tooth. Well, as of today I have a second tempoary crown. Oh the Fun. He says that my tooth looks pretty good, and shoudlnt' need much more work beyond the permanent crown.

Due to liberal application of benzocaine to the injectinon site beforehand I didnt freak out from the injection so much, he's not as good as Dr. Z at UNC, but he's a good dentist.

The worst part of the dentis office visit for me:
Nasty Smells and Nasty Tastes. The mold and glue that they use to make the temporary tooth burns and takes like vile chemical.

Now, i only have two more major dental appointments, starting next year. As well as a couple of cavities.
As such, I have upped my dential insurance to the MAX.

Does anyone know what is involved in getting a permanent crown? I suppose they will pop the temp off, take a mold, and send that mold off to a factory to have the real tooth made. How do you determine what the tooth looks like? Does the dentist grind it into the shape then and there? Or are there standard teeth shapes? Would it be possible for me to select what my tooth would look like i wonder.

EDIT: OW. I now have a dull ache in my mouth, now that the novacaine has worn off. What fun. My lower lip is also swollen up like mad. *sigh*
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